Holiday inshore East Frisia


About the coastal resort Neßmersiel

Neßmersiel is a small town at the East Frisian North Sea coast.
The quiet place is located a nearby embankment ("Seedeich", old "Westerdeich" and old "Osterdeich") and the national park wadden sea, world natural heritage. Along to the south of Neßmersiel the Störtebecker street leads to the city of Norden and other coastal resorts. The Störtebecker street was once used by the pirate Klaus Störtebecker as a seaway where he crossed it by sailing boat.

The embankment, the salt meadows and the wadden sea are for the nature lover. To experience and to relax is the motto. Walkers on the embankment will see a most impressive panorama at the seasite with the islands of Norderney, Baltrum and Langeoog. You will also see the lighthouse of Norderney at night and the small red-thatched roofs of the leisure residences to be located behind the "Westerdeich" (a smaller embankment). Between both embankments there will be cornfields giving you some piece and quiet.

Our coastal resort delivers our visitors a 25.000 m2 large beach, beach chairs and a playground. For dog owners we have a special dog beach where you can take your dog with you. There is also a surf zone best for wind- and kitesurfing.

From the harbour of Neßmersiel you can travel by ferry to the seals and the nearby island of Baltrum. You can also walk at low tide through the wadden sea with a scoutmaster.

Close to Neßmersiel you will find the cities of Norden, Esens, Aurich and Wittmund. The East Frisian region can be travelled by a large network of cycle paths along old traditional towns, water castles, old churches, windmills and a lot of museums.

Impressions of Neßmersiel: